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Published by Lorie Spencer 249 months ago in Menopause | +0 votes | 0 comments
Some ladies experience dysmenorrhea, or menstrual pain and cramps before and after their period. The severity of the pain depends from one lady to another. Some ladies have very painful period, others experience mild pain, while there are some as well who do not feel any pain during their menstrual period. The good thing is, this condition can be reduced and be prevented. Here are some ways on how to prevent dysmenorrhea, or menstrual cramps.
Published by Leonor Dipidip 85 months ago in Menstrual Cycle & Health | +0 votes | 0 comments
There are a number of cranberry juice benefits for women. It strengthens teeth and bones. This is an advantage for women, who are at greater risk than men for developing osteoporosis. This juice also contains chemicals that interact with bacteria, and prevent them from functioning normally. It helps fight bacteria in the mouth and inhibits tooth decay.
Published by Sharifa Sanderson 86 months ago in Women's Nutrition | +2 votes | 1 comments
Cloudy urine during pregnancy is not generally a cause for worry. In most cases it is harmless and is not a sign that anything is wrong in the woman’s body. However there are cases when this type of change is a sign of illness. For this reason it is important for you to check with your doctor anytime you see changes in this area.
Published by Sharifa Sanderson 86 months ago in Gynecology & OBGYN | +0 votes | 0 comments
In the last article we discussed Bartholin cysts and we also touched on Bartholin abscesses. This article will go more into depth on the topic of a Bartholin abscess and how it is treated. Women’s health is very important. Oftentimes, women are embarrassed to tell their physicians about health issues related to their genitals.
Published by Charlene Collins 87 months ago in Gynecology & OBGYN | +2 votes | 0 comments
How to Prevent Weight Gain during Your Menstruation Cycle! Weight gain during menstrual cycle is completely natural. Such weight gain is temporary and usually resolves on its own. Very few women have noticeable weight gain. In this article, you will learn ways to prevent weight gain during your menstrual cycle.
Published by Ruby 87 months ago in Menstrual Cycle & Health | +3 votes | 0 comments
Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome is an endocrine disorder effecting a woman's hormones. This collection of symptoms known as Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome is quite common, and occurs in about one in fifteen women. Its unknown exactly what causes PCOS, but it can cause unpleasant changes, most notably menstrual cycle disregulation and infertility, but it can be treated quite successfully with blood tests, continual monitoring, diet, and if necessary medications. PCOS causes insulin resistance, which ...
Published by Amy Russell 87 months ago in Menstrual Cycle & Health | +2 votes | 1 comments
How to prevent weight gain after hysterectomy! Most women worry about weight gain after hysterectomy. Weight gain can be a real problem during the first year, but weight gain in subsequent years will be minimal. Simple changes in diet and exercise can go a long way in avoiding weight gain. In this article, you will learn how to avoid weight gain after hysterectomy.
Published by Ruby 87 months ago in Gynecology & OBGYN | +1 votes | 0 comments
No one likes having a lot of weight to lose after having a baby. It’s perfectly normal to gain 25 to 35 pounds when you are pregnant. Most of that weight will be the baby’s weight plus the products of pregnancy such as the amniotic sac and fluid, and the placenta. Once you have delivered, you have already lost a great deal of weight.
Published by Charlene Collins 87 months ago in Women's Nutrition | +3 votes | 2 comments
This is an article about an up and coming hip-hop artist who has influenced thousands of people throughout the United States with his breast cancer awareness company called Thuggizzle Cares. He has received recognition from the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Organization, and he partnered up with Sisters...by Choice in Atlanta. His organization is not even one year old yet, and it has gained over 5,900 members on its Facebook group. It is groundbreaking for a hip-hop artist, especially one who ...
Published by Matthew Bible 87 months ago in Breast Cancer & Mammograms | +0 votes | 1 comments
Menopause and Weight gain! Menopause occurs in every woman and there is nothing to worry about issues as weight gain. Accumulation of fat around abdomen and weight changes occurs due to hormonal changes. In this article, you will learn about menopause associated weight gain and how to overcome weight gain.
Published by Ruby 87 months ago in Menopause | +5 votes | 0 comments
All women today want to keep their weight under control, and frequently take adequate measures for weight loss. They undergo tribulations and trials, and try to utilize the best diet plans and supplements to shed off those few additional pounds. But in some cases, women actually desire just the opposite - they want to get more body mass. The methods to gain mass for woman is similar to those methods that might be undertaken by men for similar results - for example, dietary changes, lifestyle cha...
Published by Shweta Bose 88 months ago in Women's Health | +1 votes | 0 comments
Do you often get a leakage of urine when coughing, sneezing, laughing or running? It may be a sign of urinary incontinence, where the weakness of the muscles of the pelvic floor leads to leakage of urine when there is pressure on the bladder. The doctor examines you and requests for analysis of urine to exclude any possibility of infection. Exercise for the muscles of the pelvic bottom increases the control over the bladder. For overweight women, losing weight proves useful to alleviate urinary ...
Published by Shweta Bose 88 months ago in Women's Health | +1 votes | 0 comments
Provestra is made for women desiring to boost up their sexual interest and desires, resulting in getting complete satisfaction. It increases the libido, increases blood flow for more sensation to the clitoris, and giving intense and powerful orgasms. It is made purely with natural herbs, and has no side effects.
Published by Shweta Bose 88 months ago in Sexual Health | +0 votes | 0 comments
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